why did you leave your current organization?

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Answer / akhilesh

I want to leave current organization b'coz current I feel l
deserve more. I also need iternational exposour, handsome
salary. for more secure future interms of growth and
financial position I want to leave the organization

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Answer / king khan

one always need some change after a certain period of time.
as it is human nature we cant stick to one thing for a long
time and thus if we dont get anythng motivating , w e try
to plunge into other firms.

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Answer / emma


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Answer / sudipto mukherjee

for the better salary and position

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Answer / haber

i jst lookin for the changes.....(its more than enff)
in case if they asked Y?
den tel dt:
i hd huge prob in my organization....instead of that my team
leader n my manager every 1 are good.....
the prob s there is no proper timings to end the
work...somedays v ve to work of 12 hrs also....
leav some gud reason its more than enff.....

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