how do u perform monkey testing on website?
plz dont give definitions?
plz tell me some abnormal actions on website?

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Answer / vijay rao

Monkey testing / Adhoc testing / Gorilla testing are all
one and the same

This is the kind of test done randomly on application.

why we do adhoc testing u know----
1) End user uses the application randomly and chances are
there he finds a defect,so to avoid that,test engineers
only use the application randomly and catch bugs.
2) If we see the requirment and test the product,number of
bugs u will going to catch is less, so do not follow the
requirment as a document,instead u come up with new
creative scenarios and test the application.

adhoc testing is a negative testing and objective is to
some how break the product...

Hope u got some idea....

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Answer / raj

monkey testing is nothing but testing the product without
Ex: goto yahoo singup page,enter valid data in the fields
and click on create my account button 10 times,then the
application will crash and it will come out of the signup
page and once again we have to goto signup page and enter
data again.These kind of testing is called monkey testing.

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Answer / phani

Do any thing what you want on the system/application
without any plan/test case.

Login into application and do some testing without
following process.

Do Add, change and delete operations on system and opening
any pages and navigations etc.

Nothing more than this in monkey testing.

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Answer / sai

Monkey testing means Testing the applications major functionalists and skipping minor functionality.

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Answer / pravati

monkey testing or adhoc testing is a testing process in which we test the application randomly here and there without following the test cases BECAUSE OF lack of time.

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Answer / jahnavi

For example take the website as email.try to login by giving credentials as name and password and hit on cancel button or try to close the tab or enter crendiatls again and hit on create new account.Hence randomly performing the testing as a user that he don't know how to use the application he know as "monkey testing"It is a nonfunctional testing .It is performed only when time permits

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Answer / brahma

plz dont give any def.
wat actions do u perform on website while doing monkey testing?

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Answer / shah

Monkey Testing is nothing but, testing would be done
on the application.. dynamically.. testing here and there
in the application/website to check whether the
application/website functioning as per the specifications or not..

Abnormal Actions : Suppose we have 4 pages to test..
functionally they are working well, they are not working
integrally means.. this kind of situation would be considered as an Abnormal Actions..

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Answer / khan

Performing some abnormal actions on the application inorder
to check the stability of the application, is nothing but
monkey testing or stress testing .....

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