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Vizag Steel Interview Questions
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Reconfiguring which of the following firewall types will prevent inward downloading of files through the file transfer protocol (FTP)? A. Circuit gateway B. Application gateway C. Packet filter D. Screening router

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The last battle that Humayun fought with Sher Shah was at: (a) Surajgarh (b) Bilgram (c) Chausa (d) Raisin

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Which car company brand has the tagline ? ?For a special journey called life?? 1 Suzuki 2 Ford 3 Fiat 4 Chervolet

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Which is India?s largest Mutual Fund Organisation? 1 GIS 2 SBI 3 Unit Trust of India 4 ICICI

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Which ancient city is planned in the shape of a lotus? 1 Ujjain 2 Madurai 3 Banaras 4 Agra

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In step down transformer (415/200V),mistakenly secondary side is connected to 415V for some hours, what would be result of this condition?

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Hi.. Me going to tke test for management trainee(technical) Post I am an E&C student . Can u guide how to prepare for this test.Can u send me test paper pattern..?


what are the main parts of DG? explian thier functions?

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hi this is hema, r there any books in particular for the preparation of the APPSC-A.E.E(electrical), if so please mail me the names ... thank u .


I am applying for vizag steel plant management recruitment for 2009 please can anybody send me the pattern of the written test paper

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Please if anybody have Vizag Steel Entrance exam papers or atleast Pattern of exam.Then please forward to my email-id:

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Sampal paper for Information System officer in HPCL

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which is the first bank of india?

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please give me the syllabus and sample questions if possible for Instrumentation for Vizag Steel plant MT (Trainee) 2009 exam

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hello all,i had applie vizag steel plant enternce exam pattern,any body plse send me my mailid,

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Sir, I need help. I have completed dip. mech engg was working in facilties management ((Dept) for +2 yrs) in real estate, now I want to join in for mechanical industries please suggest me which should I opt for?


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01. a. Diagram of a slump cone…………… 1 b. Size of Slump Cone…………… 1 c. Volume of a slump cone by av. Dia method…………… 1 d. Volume of a slump cone by av. area method…………… 1 e. Volume of a slump cone by frustrum method …………… 1 f. Angles of slump cone …………… 1 g. Slump measured by slump cone due to…………… 1 h. Slump does not measured by cylinder / cube due to …………… 1 i) ii) i. Slump cone is to be filled in……………………..Layers.


Sir can u send me few interview questions and answers based on Deputy Superintendent(materials) of APSRTC. I have selected in written.reply to thank u.


can we copy the software from a transmitter using hht(hart 275) ?


Vizag Steel Interview Questions
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