What do you know about this organization?

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Answer / guest

According to me this is one of the best company. It has a good
Environment, We feel good working in companies, which has
good growth in the IT Industries. This Organization has all
the qualities like good growth, good Environment,
maintaining a best level in the IT Industries, etc.

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Answer / kiran guduru

This is the most important question that hr uses in
interviews .....

the best solution is before u go to interview check the
website of the organization.. try to gather the information
from that website and mostly u find it in "ABOUT US" column

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Answer / harshal nerurkar

This organisation is One of the best Organisation in Mumbai. The management of this organaisation is Very Good. There are no salary Issues. Moreover, There are good opportunities for growth. And Couple Of My Friends work with this organisation who always provide me good feedback about this Company.

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Answer / purushottam sonare

I know that XYZ Corp. has been in existence for four years.
It was founded by John Rush in his garage and he has built
it into the third largest office supplies firm in the state
with aspirations to make it number one within two years.
It's renowned as an ambitious and highly progressive
company and I believe it has a very bright future. I also
like the fact that XYZ Corp isn't a company that rests on
its laurels.

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Answer / sk ashad

According to me this is one of the best company. It has a good Environment. Which has good growth in the IT industries. This organization has all the qualites like good growth , good Environment , maintaining a best level in the IT industries.

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