funds flows analysis how to prepare for interview

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Write the test cases for a vending machine?

1 Answers   Microsoft,

How do the audits cover planning activities?

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How does the senior management review your project's progress?

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funds flows analysis how to prepare for interview

0 Answers   Mphasis,

How do you ensure that your project plan is available for others to see? Where will you find the plans of other projects executed (in the past or currently) in the center?

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You have 3 jars. Each jar has a label on it: white, black, or white&black. You have 3 sets of marbles: white, black, and white&black. One set is stored in one jar. The labels on the jars are guaranteed to be incorrect (i.e. white will not contain white). Which jar would you choose from to give you the best chances of identifying the which set of marbles in is in which jar?

12 Answers   Intel, Microsoft,

How do you track the technical activities in your project? How is the status of the project communicated to the team?

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How do you perform impact analysis ?

8 Answers   HCL, Microsoft,

Q1. A. How can we determine performance standards? B. Write note on chaining views. Q2. A. Discuss the working with task in Gantt chart view. B. Explain the creation project schedule. Q3. A. What is understand in resource tracking? B. Write short notes on Caturing Baseline. Q4. A. How to customize workgroup message? B. How to use hyperlink? Q5. A. Explain the installation of project server? B. Discuss the working with to-do lists. Q6. A. Explain the working of templates? B. What is visual basic? C. Write shortnotes on user forms.

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What training have you undergone in project planning?

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create a flow diagram up to 2 levels for hospital management

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When you come in to the office, how do you know what you have to do during the day?

0 Answers   ABC,

  • Design Patterns (76)
  • UML (58)
  • OOAD (54)
  • Software Design Tools (19)
  • Requirements Management (43)
  • Project Planning (73)
  • Project Management (35)
  • Technical Writer (6)
  • Software Design AllOther (57)