Why can't we parallel Voltage transformer secondary circuits?

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It is observed that AVR of an Alternator is more likely to fail if the Generator and Mains Neutral are directly connected to each other. Why should this be so?

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why occ characteristics of generator is also called as magnatization characteristics ?

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if AVR fails in alternator. what will be the effect.

13 Answers   HP,

what happens when we give supply to the secondary of a transformer ?? for example 415v(pri)/110v(sec)

2 Answers  

Why battery rooms painted with dark colour

1 Answers   MSETCL Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Co Ltd, Polycab, BAL,

What are all present producing cost of Per KWH of various Fuel?

0 Answers   Sanmar,

how to compute kvar in substation feeder to improve power factor and sending voltage

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how does bode plot have an advantage over root locus? how does it determine the stability of a system depending upon the location of poles and zeroes?

2 Answers   NBKR,

can we use the 110 v primary Tr 240 v secondary step up Transformer as reverse 240 pri 110 sec

3 Answers   Hyundai,

In 400KV Switchyard, we have used Circuit Breaker With PIR, what is the significance of PIR & why they'r used?

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what is VFD and where is use of it

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