My gre score is 283 and ielts is 5.5, will i get i20 for this score

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how many E1's in pasolink and ipasolink?

0 Answers   Huawei,

write an algorithm in O(n) time for finding the kth smaalest element form an array of n elements , where n and k are entered by user

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System Not Getting Shut down Through Software Auttomatically It Will Restart wat is the Problem?

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What kind of question can be asked at the time of Interview for State Bank Of India Clerical Interview

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main() { int y=10; if(y++>9 && y++!=10 && y++>10) { printf("%d",y); else printf("%d",y); } }

4 Answers   Wipro,

What were the most energizing/enjoyable aspects of your job in this given period?

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tcp/ip is ---bits

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what is e-bum.

0 Answers   TCS,

as a student of 2nd yr which is the best place for me to do my summer training and plz also tell me the complete procedure for the entrance?

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which of the following is not a storage class specifier in c?

1 Answers   Infosys,

how to generate linked implementation of sparse matrix?

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Which software model is best suited for the Maintenance kind of project?

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