My gre score is 283 and ielts is 5.5, will i get i20 for this score

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Q1 Design a webpage for a hotel which displays all the information of the hotel such as rooms available, facilities, and packages along with rate list. Apply the different tags available to give it a good style.

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what is instance in oops?

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why multiple inheritence concept is not supported in c#?

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Explain what is meant by repetition of information and inability to represent information. Explain why each of these properties may indicate a bad relational database design.

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can any one give 10 ways to create a file in unix...???? through command prompt....

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#include<stdio.h> int main() { char *ptr; char string[] = "How are you?"; ptr = string; ptr += 4; printf("%s",ptr); return 0; }

5 Answers   Zoho,


1 Answers   MES,

how can i write a program in c of SPARCE MATRIX(data structure)?

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in which website , i can able to get the electrical basics.?????????????

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what are the artifacts in coding phase in SDLC????

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How I can write a java program output the following 1+2+4+7+......N

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funtionalities of loadining and linking

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