Is private consultancy involved in direct recruitment / interview process for field officer post in cabinet Secretariat posts

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What are the standards for the following :RS-23-C 802.3 X.25 802.11 ?

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behaviour of capacitor & inductor in ac circuits at t=0 & t=infinity.

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why 8052 is preferred instead of ARM processors for soe applications

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hi iam having b tech aggregate of 60%and 15 back locks cleared in course time and gre score of 1000 can i get visa

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What is aircombining?

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why we use +ve load distribution in 24v , and -ve load distribution in 48volt.?

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what are the plc application in engineering.??

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write a program that changes 74H to 47H in 8085 assembly programming

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The peripherals of the computer(like keyboard, monitor) are connected through buses directly or is there any interfacing device present in the CPU?

3 Answers   NTPC,

how long has fibre channel been around?

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A thread has to access the address space of all other threads in the same process and can therefore mess up the stacks of other threads. Why is this not a protection problem? Could the same be allowed to occur for processes, e.g. one process writing data into the stack of other.

0 Answers   HCL,

Which type of connector we use at the end of GSM antenna/

0 Answers   NSN,

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