Who is Sundry Debtor and who is the sundry creditor ?

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Answer / biswadip banerjee

Receiver is the Sundry Debtor & Giver is the Sundry

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Answer / usharani

receiver is sundry debtor , giver is sundry creditor.

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Answer / jitendra

Who will purchase at me is called sundry debtors,and we purchase at someone is called sundry creditor

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Answer / prem

Sundry Debtor is giver the payment & sundry creditor is
receiver the bill

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Answer / chandran.r

One who pay to us called Debtors and we pay to some one
called Creditors

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Answer / md hassan

Sundry Debtor is a individual/farm who will purchase a good or services on credit and he have to pay for it ,

sundry creditor is a individual/farm who will Provide a goods or services to our farm/particulars and we have to pay for it

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Answer / abdul hassan

sundry debator is giver and sundry creadtor is reciever

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Answer / rajesh srivastv

sundry creadtor is reciever and sundry debator is giver

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Answer / muhammad omer farooq

Accumulated receivables are known as sundry debtors in other words you can say it is an alternative name of accounts receivable......
Abc company sold goods to mr.Omer of $10000 on account.
Accounts receivables(debtors ) dr.
Sale a/c cr.

And sundry creditors are too like accounts payables

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Answer / mohammad shahid

it is a person who sold the goods and received the service from the customer its called sundry debtor....

its a person whom we received the goods and services known as sundry creditor.

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