Exact difference between Verification and Validation?

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Answer / n@n!

Verification / QA / SDLC / UnConventional :
i)it is the procress of verifing that developers develop
right product r not.
ii)verifciation cab be done by reviews and walk throughs
iii)verification is a prevention activity
1v)verification is carried out by quality assurence team

validation / QC / STLC / Conventional :
i)it is the procress of finding bugs to make sure that the
application is work under customer expectation r nt
ii)validation is a correction avtivity
iii)validation is carried out by quality control team

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Answer / arun130887

After developing application...Verify that we
meet all requirement of customer.Here we wont check
application working or not, but we check wheather we includes
all requirements.It is done by developer

Here we check Wheather application working
correctly or not.It is done by tester.

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Answer / sai sujith.i

Verification -It is a static testing procedure 2.Are we
building the product right?

validation-It is a dynamic testing procedure 2.Are we
building the right product?

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Answer / r.c.b.chowdary.t

is the process confirming that the software
meets it's specification
is the process confirming that it meets the
user requirement

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Answer / imtiyaz


It is a process conducted throughout the development of the
project to ensure, are we developing the right product or not.
Ex: Reviews, Static Testing


After the product is developed, Validation is conducted to
ensure the developed product is working as per customer
Ex: unit testing, system testing

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Answer / smruti

According to me, V stands for Verification & Validation. Verification refers to testing on Documents such as,BRS,SRS,
HLD & LLD based on Document testing other wise known as Static testing, where as Validation indicates testing on Programs, Program Interconnection & Software called as Dynamic testing.


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Answer / raj

according to my knowledge

verification means code can not be executed.

in validation code is executed.

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