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Bhushan Power Steel Interview Questions
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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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What is C.T, why it is used and what care should be taken for that while connecting?

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What is Industrial Engineering?

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Why are you like to join it job as a electrical engineering student?

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what is ECC in current version of sap r/3 ECC6.0. what is full form of ECC6.0?

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What do you know about us?

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What is bearing How many types of brg

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Will u plz give me simple diagram for tube light connection & also function of chock?

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how micro-processor and micro controller different from architecture

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why PD testing for power cables

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what is the difference between CST, VAT, SALES TAX, EXCISE DUTY, CUSTOMS DUTY

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how to calculate the boiler efficiency?any formula is there?

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Why is a synchronous motor always star connected??


what different in delta & star connection in motor?explain

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what is start up vent valve ? why it is used in boiler?

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Bhushan Power Steel Interview Questions
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