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Jet Airways Interview Questions
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I have to give interviews in various airlines for cabin Crew.So,plz tell me abt various ques. Which r expected by Them

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What would you do if you saw a passenger being abusive to a member of cabin ?

10 14789 to sit in a interview(ie. about body language ) 2.why you would like to join the aviation industry. 3.why you selected this company.

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What is ?ROM? associated with computers ? (1) Random only memory (2) Repeat only memory (3) Read only memory (4) Rate of memory

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why do you want become a cabin crew?

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Define yourself

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how to caluculate APFC panel rating, my running Load is 1320KW, Present P.F 0.76 to 0.8 we need 0.98 p.f

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how do u handle pressure and stress

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why should i give u this job

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what is the aircraft voltage and frequency standard ?

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why 400Hz is used for aircraft systems ?

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You run a technical support website where members post questions and answers to problems experienced and general know how. You have to provide explanations to recently posted questions. Some opf these questions need reasearch.


why airline prefer beautiful girls for hostesses?

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why only 26v dc is used in aircraft and 115v ac in aircraft.


where u want to see urself in 5 years? what motivated u to do a job in our firm? why we reqruit u in our firm?

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Jet Airways Interview Questions
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