The total number of High Courts in India at present is??.

A. 28

B. 26

C. 24

D. 21

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Answer / pritam_j

(D) 21

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Answer / bala


Is This Answer Correct ?    282 Yes 90 No

Answer / rupinder

d. 21

Is This Answer Correct ?    159 Yes 70 No

Answer / suchi


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Answer / sanjoy chandra paul

D. 21

Is This Answer Correct ?    102 Yes 36 No

Answer / gaurav pachauri


Is This Answer Correct ?    93 Yes 31 No

Answer / m manohar yadav

d) 21

Is This Answer Correct ?    96 Yes 36 No

Answer / nandkishore r.tayade


Is This Answer Correct ?    93 Yes 35 No

Answer / soma raju suvvari


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Answer / georgemohan


Is This Answer Correct ?    14 Yes 7 No

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