Burma was separated from India in

(A) 1901

(B) 1920

(C) 1937

(D) 1939

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Answer / hk pillai

( C ) 1937

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Answer / madhuri negi

c. 1937

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Answer / v l prasanna

(c) 1937

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Answer / quiz


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Answer / suresh


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Answer / thamaraiselvan


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Answer / saeed anwar


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Answer / kayenpaibam surchandra singh

Burma was separated from India in the year 1937 by the British Government. Burma was formed as an independent country then and was named as Myanmar. The country was an independent Buddhist kingdom during 11th century to 13th century. Then Mongols attacked the country and grabbed the power and ruled for 100 years. Then it was undertaken by China. Later in the year 1800, France and Britain have competed with each other for overtaking Burma. Britain gained power gradually and thus Burma was maintained under British Government of India

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Answer / yogendra sharma


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Answer / abhishek kumar


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