What is R2R Cycle?

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what is Vat c-4 form why using

9 Answers   ABC,

what is Profit & Loss Account?

4 Answers   EDS,

what is the meaning of prepaid&accruals in accounting?

1 Answers   AFI,

How we can apportuin the prepaid ex., example for jouran voucher

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in insolvency we have to prepare deficiency account but why we do not prepare this account as per general principle i.e Dr Cr To By etc , and deficiency account is which account?

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how do you calculate depreciation on land?

3 Answers   HP,

If we purchase machinery from gujarat ie from cst supplier & we have to give them 'c' form what should be the entry for the same.

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Features of Fixed Capital

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Under which head the cleaning expenses will come in accounts

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In which book we can learn in detail of closing stock valuation. And if any site is available kindly help.

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If A invested Rs.50000/- in F.D. & After maturity he got 56500/-. He added more Rs.43500/- in it & make F.D. for Rs.100000/- how i pass this entry. still bank has not credited 56500/- to A`s Account. please answer me

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As there is a two types of rates of depreciation i.e as per Income tax Act & As per Company Law.But, in accounting process which of these rates should be taken ?

1 Answers   NTPC,