Que : A Shop sells chocolates @ Rs 1 each. U cn exchange 3
wrapers for 1 Chocolate. If u hv Rs15 hw many chocolates cn u
totally get?

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Answer / pritesh


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Answer / shashi uniyal

22 is right

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Answer / kesha

You have
rs 15 only therefore u can buy only 15 chocolates only. there is meaning of wrapper in this question.

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Answer / azeem moosa

22 with 1 wrapper left

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Answer / jay maskikar

t is infinity, bcoz for every 3 wrappers he gets 1 chocolate, there is no end for it. The wrappers keeps adding 4 every chocolate.

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Answer / prithvi

15+5+1= 21

Is This Answer Correct ?    6 Yes 16 No

Answer / pooja


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