Why do want to become a defence officer?

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Answer / jeganathan l.a

I want to become a defence officer to lead an active,
adventurous and a dignified life

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Answer / ojasvi garg

i want to become officer because of many reasons.
the most prominent reason is that being in armed forces is
one of the best and the most respectful service ,that i
feel sir
second is that its a good career also.if i get selected
then my tension on my career will vanish completely.
one more reason is that, every citizen has responsibilities
towards the nation and i want to fulfill that
responsibility by joining armed forces.defence officer is a
way to serve the nation

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Answer / sarath

Don't ever mention words like duty,responsibilities,luxury
Also be short on what u say, as sometime,s while elobrating
u may say words which might be not fitting in with what u
earlier said or might send a wrong indication's.just say i
aspired to become an army\navy\air-force officer and i m
just following my will and desire to be one.be polite and
clear all the time

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Answer / grewal

i want to become a defence officer because its is a
dignified job,where i can serve my country directly also i
would like that people call me soldier.In army life every
day is start with a new challenges and adventurous life. so
i want to be part af army life.

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Answer / akshay kumar


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Answer / shailendra

I want to become a Defence Officer because it has been my
aim since my childhood. Compared to other Govt services,
it has an easy availing system of many facilities, which
only Defence Officers are eligible. Besides that, it is an
adventorous job that involve physical activities and a
person can maintain his health. The pay and perks a lot
better than many of the other services. And above all,
there is job security, which private sector cannot provide.

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Answer / deepak duhan

i wanted to be a defence officer because defence forces
provides more oppurtunity to learn more and more through
the whole life span of an individual.defence forces gives
the latest and cuttingedge technology to an shollder or
officers.That is why i wanted to be a defence officer.

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Answer / vineet khanna

there are many reasons to join armed forces

i m very adventurous and i like life that is full of risk
and according to me in armed force every day starts with a
new challenge and risk.and another reason is that i want an
vip ambassdor car and want people should give me side when
i go in that car.

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Answer / chandrashekar

by this way i can help people of india,,,,,,,,,,

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Answer / alphons mathew

i want to be in defence officer because it is my dreame , society respect a defence officer ,working in front of a table always is not so preferable for me

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