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UU Interview Questions
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How to calculate KW what is the formula for KW.

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rich man keeps me in pocket,poor man throws me away,kids eat me,i'm an english word -u-e-l who am i?

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A float occupies 4 bytes in memory. How many bits are used to store exponent part? since we can have up to 38 number for exponent so 2 ki power 6 6, 6 bits will be used. If 6 bits are used why do not we have up to 64 numbers in exponent?


i want give drug inspector exam ,, how i appear in this & now i am going to complete b.pharma.. also send me some coaching sites....& full syllabus information for drug inspector also any experience required for it& how much it ... which exams prefer upsc or states public service comission exam


Can enyone tell me what is the young generation and old genaration in GC ? how it will work?


Why does The speed of motor used in elevator remain constant irrespective of load??


I want previous year question paper of ONGC for chemical engg.


I have two PLC processors. I want to communicate both processor with each other. How i can do so?


error msg no-f.5071 in down payment. what would be the entry for clearing this open f-44..?


What Kind of Report we Can see in Cost based Profitability Analysis and Accounting based Profitability Analysis ? Technical things ?


What's the relationship between OCI's TAO and DOC's TAO?


can you define exogenity endogenity both terms are from economics both are different from exogenous & endogenous variables. I can not find the answers. please help if you can....


What is Payroll?


What is time series wizard? When and how do you use it?


Describe the Minimum Description Length framework, and how it relates to Occam's razor?


Hi i am riyaz ahmed . i got rejected for first time and i nedd to apply for next time and can i apply in 1 or 2 week . and wt abt my sevies fee ? i should make a new once shill i go with the same and wt docement i should change can u plz help me out and my mail it is


how u design STAGING for Superstructure in BRIDGE construction?


UU Interview Questions
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