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  • SkyTech interview questions (4)

SkyTech Interview Questions
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What is a join?Explain the different types of joins?

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What is difference between TRUNCATE & DELETE?

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what is the difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE command in SQL

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what"s the difference between fe 415 grade steel and fe 500 grade steel? and which one is mostly used for residential and apartment constructions?

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What is FFA, PV, and PAV value in oil.


What is Acquisition?


why h parameter are called as hybrid parameter?


write the a cl program with the following specification A. Accept 2 parameters-date and date type B. if date type is J then convert date to *MDY format C. if date type is M convert date to *JUL format 4.send a program message with the value of converted date Please explain for each with coding?


While testing a ZCT what parameters have to check or measure?


What r all the security problems u r facing & the measures taken to solve.


What is RX lev sub & Rx lev full


PLEASE ANY ONE READ THIS MESSAGE ANSWER ME AT MY EMAIL ID sir i am prepairing for section engineer exam taken by railway my branch is chemical engineering i want previous paper of chemical engineering of section engineer exam taken by railway. please answer me as soon as possible thankyou


what is difference between budgeting and Forecasting


One week before i was joined in one rfid based company.i don't know about the future of that field.can you tell me that future.


hi frn iam Ashish frm nepal..ihave got my bank balance in my own name incase of my father or mother.coz they are in Israel and they havent open their account here in interview is in 29 what to do for this problem..if this question is asked than what shall i do?plz reply soon....


What is AngularUI router and how it is different from ngRoute?


career and its importance?


What is the Memorandum voucher?


Respective sir I'm bcom 1st sem student. I have very interest in banking sector. I finished my pu with 88% how I can prepare for banking exam (especially po)yet I have no any practice but I hope if I get good guidance I can pass my banking exam so kindly inform me how I can prepare for po exams. My email address is- I'm really counting second when I will get ans by u. Thank you sir


SkyTech Interview Questions
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