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InfoBeans Interview Questions
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what is diff bet project and product testing?What is difference between client server application and web server application

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can you tell me test case for whatsapp?

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How to Display a 24 bit True Color bitmap image on a 256 color display?


what for cmmi and iso(what are they) are used and how we can use them in our testing and whole work related to sqa.Do it has any kind of format if it has kindly tell me from whr i will get it kindly give detalied answer?


What is the refresh rate?


What are the advantages of a Dedicated Server?


What book do you like to read and tell me something about it? What organizations do you belong to and what exactly do you do you there? ( these are the follow up questions being asked if you're a newbie in this industry,after answering the question " tell me something about yourself" because you mentioned the things that you justsaid such as your hobby, the organizations you're joining in, or books you read on, they will ask for more something about these things if you're lying or not, so be specific as well with your answers.)


starting with your last job, would you tell me about some of your achievements that was recognized by your superiors?


i want a richdatatable to be displayed only when a list has some value in the bean, and a datatable with header only if the list is empty. And i want the datatable to be printed only when ajax button is clicked??


What are the dis_advantages of stored procedures, triggers, indexes?


Which messages does it shows the integration engine(sycn/asyn)?


What's the difference b/w Table & Templete in Smartform?


While unloading huge amount of data from table. Suddenly job failed some error. Imagine 1M data unloading, In that 90% data unloaded only 10% left, So if want to unload the rest 10% what needs to be done? Whether do i need to start from top or anything ?


How can you import XML repositories exported from different tools like ODI


how could explain about job profile


I have two PLC processors. I want to communicate both processor with each other. How i can do so?


can we take 100% input of contractor service tax billing where service receiver have to pay 50% service tax


InfoBeans Interview Questions
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