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TetraSoft Interview Questions
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Explain basic SQL queries with SELECT from where Order By, Group By-Having?

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What is the latest version that is available in Ab-initio?

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what r the job openings SAS for fresher graduates !


h0w many versions have been developed of onformatica so far?


Is Cursor exicutable ?

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what are the error codes in cobol, db2, cics, vsam , and jcl

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How to delete first 3 rows & last 3 rows in target table in informatica

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how remove 1st 3 records & last 3 records in informatics

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i have two source data there is no pk,fk how to join the two sources

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i have job card like this //job ***** //step1 exec pgm=iebgener //sysut1 dd dsn=main.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main1.sss,disp=shr // dd dsn=main2.sss,disp=shr //sysut2 dd dsn=out1.mmm ,disp=(new,catlg,delete) dcb=( ) // sysin dd * like this what i have to do to skip dsn=main1.sss please giveme answer asap

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interview type questions like basics&deep


mainframe questions like basic&depth


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what convarts RRA in alternator ,AC to DC or DC to AC,


how to cable size by Amp with example


Please inform me about interview of computer operating in income tax dapartment lahore.


Please suggest best institute for SAP HCM/HR in Hyderabad


A fan is handling hot air at 285 degC with flow of 411635 m3/hr, power consumed is 1165kW and efficiency is 66%. what will happen to flow, power and efficiency of the fan if a water spray system is introduced to reduce the air temperature up to 200 degC? (also please refer any document regarding this)


ht side line to earth voltage


what do u mean by bridge group? where we r using this one?


if an insulated power and control cables of a running gas diesel gensets laid direct in an open trench i.e, trench bed is not rcc of a power house in which rain water, spillage water alwas exists and all power control cables remains submerged even when gas gensets of 480 kw each runningin on load. These power &control cables runs from power house to switchgear room through these trenches in which water remains most of the time. pl explain its merit & de-merit


draw the circuit diagram of a transistor frequency convertor using a tetrode transistor?


What is your favourite tool in the hadoop ecosystem?


Hi all, I am using windows vista, I am in the process of learning QTP. When ever I try to work with insert mode in flight application , i am getting the error of 'Operation must use an update table query, fractional truncation(null) error. Can anyone help me regarding this?


Void main() { If(printf("C") && getch ()) } Then output is C. If I wrote clrscr() in the place of getch() then it gives error message why..


If more than rated DC voltage appears across trip coil of the breaker, what will happen? e.g. in 110V DC circuit system, if voltage across battery terminal showing 121 V


is the speed of the system increases by increasing the cache memory size if it yes,way it can possible.


What is meaning of Canceled/Flat Beam. What is difference between them? Both type of beam can bear same load if size (width)of the flat beam is increases and depth is same as slab thickness? Kindly suggest to me.


TetraSoft Interview Questions