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  • Pfizer interview questions (14)

Pfizer Interview Questions
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What is the difference between pass by reference and pass by value?

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What do you feel about hardcoding?

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What are the setup steps that need to be defined for GL budgets

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r there any setups to enable budget tab while entering journals

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R there any setups to change the source while entering Journals manually? The defaulted one is manual and the box is greyed out, how can i change the source?

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If any one Deleted the BOMain key by accidently,is any possible to get back that Bomain key.if possible please send some steps.

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how can i convert figures into words in sap?pl tell me the function module name?

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While working in call centre why people gets so bored after certain period of time, like 1 or 2 year after

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11KW Delta motor is taking about 44Amps in star and goes upto 70Amps in delta and trips OFF. The rated current is 26Amps. Application is for the blower. The motor takes ( no load without coupling impller ) only 2.5A and 5Amps in star & delta starter test.Need to know why its taking high current.

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hi tell be about pfizer? how to compare the work with other companies ? please tell me how to login and work also?


hi tell be about pfizer? how to compare the work with other companies ? please tell me how to login and work also?

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why bottles of Hazardous chemicals or solvent are available in round shaped only?

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what is difirence b/w ROI&ROE

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What is cut off value of solvent used in hplc

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Pfizer Interview Questions
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