How we will get issues on AS/400 technology ? I mean which issue/Defect Tracking tool is using in all companies when any issue comes? Can anybody explain about the work flow of AS/400 project ? plzzz

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What are Triggers?

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what are the types of errors available in rpg IV or 400.Like decimal data error,sessional error or device error etc...means important error occurings,ie to find out suddenly???pls give answ if u know?

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How do you read a subfile record which is in output mode?

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How to create an Access path in Synon/2E ?

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what is the use of UNIQUEUE KEY WORD? what is the difference between PFILE AND REF?

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Hey, What is the difference between SCAN,CHECK,XLATE OPCODES? please give me the answeres with example in real time senario?

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Hello friends, i am having 1 year experience in AS/400. Can any one send me the as400 interview questions to my email

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How to write a password mask program in as400? like the password which i type should be displayed as '*****' r ###### which the user wishes to dispaly if u could help me with url r the solution in written code this will help me

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what are the different types of keys in AS400

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Q.How can more than two program be executed in batch mode through SBMJOB in CL PGM but the condition is that program must be executed one by one?Please wtite the senario? 2. IS it possibe more then two programs can be executed in batch mode and HOw it will be executed in CL program ,please write the senario?

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Can anybody know what is Pick/Basic? Is it a programming language? can it be used in AS400 machine?

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