pharmacovigilance opportunities in Hyderabad

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Why we use basket in place of bowl in dissolution apparatus

3 Answers   Torrent Pharma,

What is the storage condition for reference standard?

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hi can anyone send me the model papers for drug inspector post,im frm ap....i completed my bpharm this year..pls help me,if u do i wl be very thankful to email id-

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how many systems r there in the body?

5 Answers   Reddy Labs,

plzzz mail me question papers and syllabus of mpsc's and upsc's drug inspector's exam.and details whn da exm is going to be.. my e-mail id is

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What are the stability zones and stability conditions?

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i am little a bit confused on, who was the father of pharmacy either galen or william procter. please someone clarify this to me

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how impurity is analyzed in a tablet

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What is the difference between Specific & Non-Specific Method, and Specific & Non-Specific Tests? Please Clarify

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What do you mean by validation, whats are the different steps of validation? whats are the steps followed in process validation?

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What is difference between method validation and method verification?

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what do you mean by mean kinetic temperature in stability

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