Indian army ta joining 2017 faizabad

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Results : Indian Army Ta Joining 2017 At Center Faizabad,
List Of Candidates Joining On 28 Dec 2017

Sr No. Name Father’s Name Roll No.
1 Shavinder Singh Kartar Singh 564723
2 Munish Kumar Jeevan Lal 564728
3 Vishal Singh Ranjeet Singh 564731
4 Dinesh Kumar Subhash Chand 564733
5 Pankaj Katoch Swarup Chand 564735
6 Nishand Katoch Tarsem Chand 564736
7 Ajesh Katoch Janam Chand 564741
8 Sahil Ram Pal 564748
9 Rahul Rana Pardeep Singh 564755
10 Anshual Chodhary Dilbag Singh 564757
11 Vikal Kumar Gian Chand 564762
12 Nihal Bhardwaj Ashwani Kumar 564766
13 Rohit Kumar Behal Surinder Kumar 564769
14 Amit Kumar Om Dutt 564778
15 Amit Kumar Preetam Chand 564783
16 Rasad Mohammad Jamal Deen 564794
17 Amandeep Singh Vijay Singh 564803
18 Vimal Kumar Trilok Chand 564819
19 Vikram Singh Ranvir Singh 564821
20 Ashok Kumar Bhajiya Vikrant Singh Tanwar 564827
21 Bikram Jeet Singh Anurag Sinha 564834
22 Amandeep Singh Aditya Jaswal 564842
23 Amit Saran Ravi Kumar Tomar 564845
24 Abisheik Tiwari Mahesh Vissa 564857
25 Mohit Mahil Vipul Sharm 564861
26 Akashya Gupta Sunil Kumar 564867
27 Saurav Lauda Ravi Kumar 564869
28 Mahesh Kumar Lovekesh Kumar 564872
29 Mayank Sharma Sanjiv Sharma 564876
30 Abisheik Agarwal Rajiv Agarwal 564887
31 Devinder Garg Shiv Garg 564891
32 Vikram Singh Santokh Singh 564894
33 Pawan Chaudhary Rohit Chaudhary 564899
34 Varun Jain Sunil 564911
35 Yogesh Bir Singh 564927
36 Jitendera Jain Ravi Jain 564931
37 Kumar Sharma Shankar Dass 564933
38 Deepak Pandher Lashkar Singh 564938
39 Shri Dhar Mani Ravi Pal 564952
40 Abhishek Rajan Raghu Veer Singh 564958


All Candidates Have Been Selected On Merit.

Do Not Fall Prey To Any Touts.

Call Letters To Selected Candidates In Post.

Selected Candidates To Report To The Grenadiers
Regimental Centre, Faizabad On 28 Dec 2017.

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Answer / rrbgroup2017


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