Is Work Contract Tax expenses for a company?

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Can I deduct TDS on Advance payment towards advertisment expenses.

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What Is Difference of Cst Waybill Advance cst Waybill

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M paying salary of Rs. 22500/-, 21500/- & 17500/- to my employees, frm June 2010. I still have not deduct TDS from their salary. I have not applied for TAN No. M also paying rent of Rs. 50,000/- pm. And also have not deducted TDS on it. What should I do now?

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i want current year tax deduction source please let me know?

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last financial year'2007-08 i have not deposit TDS amount till today. can i deposit TDS amount now with interest. please advise me.

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How to reconcile a Vendor who is a supplier as well as a Contractor?

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what is mis

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What's the difference between Income Tax and P.Tax?

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I want to know full details of TDS?

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cab we give form c on o% sales tax

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if we purchase tangible material on the basis of Vat @12.5% and we are service industry, than can we make the invoice on that material on the basis of Service Tax @ 12.36% with Management Fee?

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what is Gratuity? why it is deducted ?

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