how to deal with the conflict between a licensed and unlicensed person?

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2. Why did you choose this career?

0 Answers   Qatar Airlines, Park Hotel,

in your experience what has given you a sense of achivement

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Have you ever worked with someone that you did not get along with as part of a team? How did you Handle that situation

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how to test a wine

3 Answers  

what goals do you have in your career?

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why should we hire you over the other waiting to be interviewed?

3 Answers   Virgin,

Describe a time when you have made a split second decision? Was it the correct one?

0 Answers   Sprint,

This job requires periods of heavy lifting for most of the day. Are you able to do this?

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what is hospitality

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What would you do if the guests gets angry on some hospitality behaviour of yours??

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How do you plan to achieve these goals

0 Answers   ACC, Taj Group, Hyatt,

What would u say when you are asked to give a self- introduction of yourself for a cabin attendant position?

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