i am exeprienced person what is selection process

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what do u mean by tagging

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given a height balanced tree. If we add one more node , how many nodes gets unbalanced ?

2 Answers   Hughes,

what is encapulation?

4 Answers   Syntel,

sample code for data transfer between two r/2 systems and r/3 systems?

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what is the difference between a namespace and assembly ?

4 Answers   Polaris, Innominds,

What is meant byStatic Variable ?

7 Answers   Mascot,

How you ll create customizing Tcode.

1 Answers   IBM,

what are all the ant command options

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Write a function which accepts a sentence as input parameter.Each word in that sentence is to be reversed. Space should be there between each words.Return the sentence with reversed words to main function and produce the required output. for eg:- i/p: jack jill jung kill o/p: kcaj llij gnuj llik

0 Answers   Mind Tree,

what are resources in case of Threads

0 Answers   Satyam,

Which CRM is better to opt, Sebiel CRM or Salesforce CRM or sap CRM? which institute is best one in hyderabad

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which property is used to display the advertisements with adrotator control

0 Answers   Sonata,