i am exeprienced person what is selection process

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What is a dialog based program

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Write a program to read and print a text file on screen

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what do you man by firmware

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Write a function which accepts a sentence as input parameter.Each word in that sentence is to be reversed. Space should be there between each words.Return the sentence with reversed words to main function and produce the required output. for eg:- i/p: jack jill jung kill o/p: kcaj llij gnuj llik

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Write a shell program. Enter basic pay of an employee and calculate DA, HRA, Deduction, Gross pay and Net pay as follows: DA = 75 % of BASIC HRA = 10 % of BASIC DEDUCTION = 15 % of BASIC GROSS PAY = BASIC+DA+HRA NET PAY = GROSS PAY-DEDUCTION.

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Bonjour, svp je veut voir comment envoyer un mail en java et comment changer le droit d'accé d'un fichier en java: de lecture en lecture/écriture et merci d'avance ;)

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73. How can you set the status and title for a modal dialog box? a) In the attributes of the corresponding screen. b) Before the corresp. call screen statement. c) In a PBO module of the corresponding screen. d) In the PAI module of the corresponding screen.

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qtp 9.2 14 days demo version was expired.I uninstalled how to reinstall this again

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they asked me about srs (software requirement specifcation)? how can i get anydocumentation about srs & other documnts infomation like bdd, in testing? its urgent?

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diffrence between oracle apps , .NET , SAP

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what is fisrt female program

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