i am exeprienced person what is selection process

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What are the limitation in using querystring in .net?

1 Answers   Tesco,

difference between list and display command ?

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what are methods we have in connection pooling

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how to convert infix expression to prefix expression?

0 Answers   nvidia,

cgi stands for

2 Answers   CGI,

how many languages .net is supporting now?

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. With the help of above table EMP, perform the following operation is sql. a) Add the new column “DEPTNO” b) Rename the table c) Update table d) Modify the table if column ‘SAL’ whose data type is number (10) and you want to enter varchar2 (15) . For example $USD 20 etc.

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There are 2 tables: EMP : EmpId, Ename, Sal, DeptId DEPT : DeptId, Dname Write a query to find out emp names and their department names. if any emp has null in Deptid the it shows ?No Department?. Write a query to find out those department names which has no employee. Write a query to find out those employees whose salary is greater than their department?s average salary.

1 Answers   Oracle,

is it possible to desable particular parameter of the normal orcle report based on some condition ?????? if yes,wht is the function for desabling a parameter...

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what is session state?

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How to know we are in home page of a web application using QTP

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how we can connect applet with database?

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