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Foxconn Interview Questions
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What is the typical data rate for wavelength division multiplexing?

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Healing of wound is accelerated by 1 Vitamin A 2 Vitamin C 3 Vitamin E 4 Vitamin K

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please tell me when we start motor without load in star or delta connection whose current above condition,pl write formula


What is the difference between induction motor and the Synchronized one?

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Test Case for Text Editor!


What is the two pole structure?


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Specific gravity.


what is bank occ?


How to compare two files in SYNCSORT and on the mismatch record should be deleted from second file.


What part can management policy play in the analysis of cost behaviour?


what is portfolio Saint?


I have having 14 years manufacturing experence & 6 years in SAP-PP/QM.Was a core member during implementation.Now I want to work as Functional Consultant in SAP-PP/QM.What should I do for getting the jobs.


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To specify the test artifacts involved in testing.


Foxconn Interview Questions
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