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  • Evosys interview questions (4)

Evosys Interview Questions
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How to perform a loop through all tables in pl/sql?

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what are the receipt types in Po?

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What in Invoice Variance in A.P.

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What is the purpose of secondary tracking Flexfeild Qualifier

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electromechanical relay type identification example : type=tjmh t-stants for j- m- h-

524 after this home page wll came, in this page what r the items we r going to test for manual and what the element we r test for QTP... explian clearly with example


topic-what is retail ,politics in india,childhood,


I am Planning to Contruct a floor appartment on my own thro a Contractor . How to estimate the Constrction Cost , to negociate with the Contractor.


A FIU19(E) units Flexbus LED is flashing. What is the meaning?


completed BE & done apprentice at tneb & having experience 6 years. want to get c license. will apprentiship & BE be helpful for getting c license. will i get any preference by showing this?


How to generate a salary slip like jan 1000 1000 feb 1000 2000 ... dec 1000 12000


Can we call virtual funciton in a constructor ?


how to prepared for first for the first interview?


What is Covariance?


what is the grounding Calculation formula? spouse i want to provide grounding to 3phase 18kw motor or i want to provide ground to 3phase 10kva dry type transformere or you give me any exemple...... Thanks.


what is the difference between elcb and rccb ?


First input columns brand, mt, re values are ov, 1,re vg, 2,re wu ,3,re. Second input columns are brand, mt, cx their records are ov,4,vg ,5,cx Wu, 6,cx and third input columns brand, mt, rt values are ov,7,rt vg, 8,rt wu, 9,rt but my output is brand, re, cx,rt values are ov, 1,4,7 vg, 2,5,8 wu, 3,6,9


Dear all i am kumaravel. now in chennai. my work is control and relay panel auto cad designing.up to 11kv to 400kv then question is i am improving my knowledge. i want some books name and auther are available for this C&R panel related. plese any one help me


what is meant by 8.0.4 in TEMS 8.0.4?


Evosys Interview Questions
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