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BNY Mellon Interview Questions
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first day of 1999 is sunday.what day is the last day?

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• Where does closing stock appears in the trial balance?

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What are mutul funds?

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Where does closing stock appear in the trial balance?

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how buoyancy force is realte with convection?


Hi i am aneesh, done btech in applied electronics & instrumentatiin. And then i took mba in finance & marketing.After that i got placement in finance co and worked there for 3.5 yrs.Now i wanted to come back to engineering job.But without engg experience, i may not able to find an opening.i have done a course related to flow meters and ite calibrations. Kindly suggest where should i try to get a job?


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What is unique about B.L.M business that would impact the future client/server architechture or software needs of your G.I.S programme?


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BNY Mellon Interview Questions
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