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Suzuki Interview Questions
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Which car company brand has the tagline ? ?For a special journey called life?? 1 Suzuki 2 Ford 3 Fiat 4 Chervolet

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what is capital budgeting and techniques of capital budgeting.

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what is the voltage between the earth & neutral 2 is there any continuity TO BE between earth & NEUTRAL

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WHERE to use CVT & PT.

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1. Has modern looking equipment


how manyunits consumed by 25 kvar capacitor bank

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1,5,7,40,15,_? next no no arithmetic simple logic...

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what is ment by Requirement tracebility matrix?what is the use of it? what is the template of rtm?

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which motor is used in our Indian Ceiling fan -Capacitor start and run or Capacitor start? (during repair i saw only one capacitor so it should be start only)

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What are your long term and short term career goals ? What has influenced your thinking while evaluating your career options


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Un-Answered Questions

I have one input file and some 40 tables, I want to read input file and compare the input file value with the table value if it is present then we have to update with new value, this should be repeated for all 40 tables and we are reading only one input file, for this is there any REXX program or job or routine to accomplish above requirement. components of the requirements; 1. One input file 2. 40 DB2 tables 3. we have to read from the input file and compare with table value, if present then update with new value (this should be recurssive for all 40 tables for every record of input file). 4. quick help is appreciated.


Y phase plates are used in transmission line??? what is there need???


How do u check FONTS in Login Window?


Where are log and trace files located?


What is purpose of reactor?.What is different between line and bus reactor?


what is the difference between qualitative analysis and quantitative analysis and explain them?


what is the difference between electrical and electronic chokes


What are the advantages and disadvantages of ABAP/4 query tool ?


what happens to the supply voltage if there is any change in frequency?


"In boiler, what does steam and smoke goes out to the funnel. What reason?"


2. The physical facilities are visually appealing


what is the purpose of bypass mode in energy lighting transformer?


how we can transfer marketing projects from crm to r/3?


what are your thoughts on SPRINT duration


What is debug class?what is trace class? What differences are between them? With examples.


Suzuki Interview Questions
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