There are two lights one is green another one is red. green blinks 2 times per a minute, red blinks 3 times per 2 minutes. If two lights are start at same time how many time they blink together in 1 hours.

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In how many ways can 5 girls and 3 boys be seated in a row so that no two boys are together?

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plz send test pattern of nsn engineers graduate.

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Could anyone please email the answers to the verizon 2014 aptitude test

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Q) A new apartment complex purchased 60 toilets and 20 shower heads. If the price of a toilet is three times the price of a shower head, what percent of the total cost was the cost of all the shower heads? a) 9% b) 10% c) 11% d) 13% e) 15%

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Jane works at a fashion design company,and is having problems getting dressed for work. She refuses to wear any color combination that does not go well together as many of her clients may look down upon this. She has two pairs of skirts, brown and blue; three blouses, white, sky blue, and gray; four pairs of stockings, red, black, brown, and blue; and two pairs of shoes, black and brown. The blue skirt cannot be worn with red or brown stockings. Gray does not go well with brown. Black does not go well with brown. 1. If Jane wears black shoes she will not wear: a) red stockings. b) a blue skirt. c) a white blouse. d) blue stockings. e) a sky blue blouse. 2. If Jane is color blind and is unable to determine what outfits went well together, how many possible clothing combinations could she have? a)24 b)32 c)36 d)44 e)48 3. If Jane wears a brown skirt and a white blouse, she could: a)not wear blue stockings. b)not wear brown shoes. c)not wear black shoes. d)wear blue stockings. e)wear red stockings. 4.Jane buys a gray scarf. If she wears the new scarf, then she could: a)not wear blue stockings. b)not wear brown stockings. c)not wear black shoes. d)wear a white blouse. e)wear black stockings. 5.Jane will never wear: a)blue and red together. b)white and red together. c)gray and blue together. d)white and black together. e)white and red together.

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In a class of 40 students, 24 students speak Hindi and 20 students speak Kannada. Eight students speak none of the two languages. How many students speak both Hindi and Kannada?

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how to get model papers for clerical exams

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Number Series 11,14,12,15,13,16,?

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Hello friends, please send me hdfc bank interview aptitude question papers for preparing interview.

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what are the advantages and disadvantages of e-mail communication ?

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The least number which is divided by 2,16,24,36 leave a reminder 7 in each case please provide answer with explanation

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.In a family there are many children , boy have equal no.of brothers&sisters, girl have twice no.of brothers&sisters .Find the no.

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